Pennsylvania parents and post-divorce holiday issues

Pennsylvania parents whose marriages are ending may find that coming to a fair visitation arrangement for the holidays is one of the most challenging aspects of the divorce process. The holidays are generally focused on family gatherings, which can make the initial adjustment period after a divorce difficult. Co-parenting during the holidays involves putting the children first and fostering an amicable relationship between the parents, if possible. Former celebrity couple Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey accomplish this by prioritizing their twins and focusing on family. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin continue to take family vacations together with their children.

While family vacations may not be a viable holiday custody solution for all divorced couples, working out mutually-agreed upon arrangements is crucial. Parents may choose to alternate holiday privileges each year or divide the holidays. Some parents choose to celebrate with their children on an alternate day if it is not their year for holiday visitation.

Forging new holiday traditions can be a fun way to navigate the first holiday after a divorce. New traditions allow children to become involved in the celebrations. One parenting expert reminds parents that it is acceptable to feel sad during the holidays but essential to avoid wallowing in that sadness. Instead, parents should take the time to do something special and look after their personal health and well-being.

Child custody arrangements are often difficult to agree upon, especially in a particularly tumultuous divorce. A family law attorney may be able to provide assistance with drafting an agreement that offers fair distribution of holiday time. An attorney may also be able to help a parent who is subject to a custody and visitation order that is not being honored by the other parent.

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