Stepparent And Same-Sex Adoption

Most family law issues are about dividing one family into two. Adoption, however, helps families come together. I am attorney Elisabeth Pride, and I work with families with nonlitigated stepparent and same-sex adoptions.

Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoption may be possible without litigation when one biological parent is no longer in the picture or voluntarily relinquishes his or her parental rights. I work with families to formalize their family relationships through adoption by helping them through the process from Petition to Decree.

Adoption For Same-Sex Couples

Whether a same-sex couple is looking to adopt a child together, one partner is interested in adopting the other partner's child, or they just want to formalize and legalize the family relationship they've always had, there are legal steps that can be taken to protect the parental rights of both parents and the rights of children to care, support and inheritance from two loving parents. I help legalize the parental relationship of both parents to ensure legal recognition of the right of both parents to provide care and make important decisions for the child.

If you are interested in adopting your spouse's child or children, or if you and your partner are interested in adopting a child or formalizing your relationship to the children you are already raising together, I can help. I take pride in helping my clients and their children gain legal recognition of their relationships, and I welcome the opportunity to work with you. Learn more about the counsel an experienced lawyer can offer by scheduling your free initial consultation. I can be reached by calling 412-254-3985 or by filling out an online contact form.