Pride Law

The Advantages Of Pride Law

I am Elisabeth Pride, an experienced family law attorney. I represent clients from Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh and the surrounding southwestern Pennsylvania communities.

I believe that it is usually in the best interest of my clients to settle out of court if possible, and my practice is primarily devoted to helping people resolve their cases through the collaborative process, mediation or other forms of out-of-court negotiation.

I take pride in approaching challenging family legal issues practically, creatively and compassionately. Please consider my law firm's advantages:

  • Experience: Since 1999, I have only practiced family law. After starting my career at a high-profile Pittsburgh family law firm, I moved to private practice so I could provide the most effective and personal representation possible to individual clients.
  • Attention: I am a good listener who discusses cases thoroughly to understand the specific needs of my clients and their families. I avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Loyalty: I have a loyal client base with whom I have built strong, long-term business relationships. I understand the value of these relationships and strive to offer superior service to each new client who retains my services.
  • Honesty: I provide realistic appraisals of my clients' cases, and I seek realistic, attainable solutions for them. My goal is to get each client a result he or she will be happy with long into the future, not to tell them what they want to hear in order to get their business in the short term.
  • Pragmatism: I seek cost-effective ways of achieving my clients' goals by weighing the likelihood and expense of obtaining desired outcomes together with the acceptable alternatives.
  • Creativity: I approach each case uniquely and consider creative outside-the-box solutions to meet individual family needs.
  • Availability: I keep regular business hours, but I can always schedule appointments during non-business hours. I can also travel to meet clients when needed.
  • Convenience: My office is located conveniently in the South Hills, across the street from the Willow and Castle Shannon transit stations. My office provides free parking and a free initial half-hour consultation to discuss process options, either in my office or by telephone. Ongoing consultation can be in person, by telephone, email or video conferencing.
  • Flexibility: I am trained as a litigator, a mediator and a collaborative law attorney. My range of training and skills enables me to help clients find solutions that work for them.
  • Value: My rate is competitive with other family law attorneys with my years of experience. I accept payment by PayPal and most major credit cards.

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If you are interested in scheduling a free initial consultation, please contact me by calling 412-254-3985 or by using an online contact form.