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April 2014 Archives

With big contract looming, football star files for divorce

There are many factors that play into a divorce and its aftermath. Aside from child custody issues, perhaps the most important one -- or at least the most heated one -- can be the division of property and marital assets. This is especially important when one member of the couple earns a large salary and the other does not. But what happens if the husband or wife is on the cusp of an even bigger salary -- one that seems likely, but not yet official?

Pennsylvania men to marry in New Jersey Pride parade

As same-sex marriage becomes more and more common around the country, the issues that such couples face are becoming less and less remarkable. Not every state has legalized same-sex marriage, of course, but same-sex couples are everywhere. Issues such as child custody, child support and adoption are commonplace for couples who, in some cases, have been together for a long time.

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