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January 2015 Archives

Claiming tax breaks for divorced parents

Parents who are divorcing may not realize that there are some federal income tax credit and exemptions available for single parents that they may be able to take advantage of. These tax breaks may be able to ease some of the financial burden that parents sometimes shoulder following the end of their marriage.

Understanding how child support works in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has established certain guidelines when it comes to the issue of court-ordered child support. The state calculates the amount of necessary support based on the child's well-being and how reasonably able the parent is to pay. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued specific support guidelines that a judge will use to calculate the amount of child support. The process can be complicated because it takes into consideration the cost expenses associated with daycare, medical insurance and the living arrangements of the child. Both of the parent's incomes are also included in the calculation.

How child support may be used in Pennsylvania

A commonly held misconception is that child support should be used by a Pennsylvania custodial parent only to provide for a child's basic needs. Child support may instead be used to pay for a wide variety of needs to help ensure that the child is able to grow up in the best possible environment, ensuring that he or she is enjoying a standard of living that would have been enjoyed if the parents had remained together.

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