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August 2015 Archives

Why women divorce more than men

Pennsylvania residents may have an interest in learning more about why recent studies indicated that wives are more likely to initiate divorce than husbands. Researchers found that women filed a petition for divorce around 69 percent of the time. When the couple is not married, men and women are just as likely to propose the break-up. Authors of the study attribute this dynamic to the clash between contemporary gender roles and the antiquity of traditional marital roles. Built-up baggage and unmet expectations were also identified as factors contributing to the difference between the two types of relationships.

What is discussed during an initial divorce consultation

Family law attorneys in Pennsylvania and around the country will likely understand that spouses considering a divorce are sometimes extremely apprehensive before taking the first step. Contacting an attorney to discuss a divorce can seem like crossing a line, but anxieties may be reduced when spouses have a clear understanding of what will be discussed during their initial legal consultation.

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