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Divorce Archives

Ensuring that spousal support will be deductible

Alimony may be at issue in some Pennsylvania divorce cases. When one spouse earns substantially more than the other, the higher-earning spouse may expect to have to pay alimony. The duration of the alimony payments is generally determined by agreement or court order. While some people might chafe at the idea of having to pay their exes monthly alimony, the amounts may be deductible as long as they adhere to certain guidelines.

Financial planning post-divorce is important for women

Although women in Pennsylvania hold more jobs and pursue more careers than ever, financial challenges after a divorce continue to impact women more than men. One certified divorce financial analyst strongly recommends that women begin financial planning right away after ending a marriage. She said that too many women wait years to analyze their finances and set goals. They begin too late when child support or spousal support ends.

To keep or sell the home during a divorce

Making a decision regarding the marital home in a Pennsylvania divorce can be an emotional experience for couples, especially if their children were raised in it. However, ending a marriage can have a major impact on a person's finances, meaning retaining ownership of the home may not be financially feasible.

Stress and other factors can result in divorce

When a Pennsylvania couple gets married, they most likely are not considering that a divorce could be in their future. However, there are certain factors that could ultimately cause a couple to end their marriage. Even though the divorce rate for younger couples has gone down, those who work in high-stress careers often have divorce rates that are higher than those who work in lower-stress positions.

Divorce could be more likely if husband doesn't work full time

Pennsylvania couples might be fascinated by the results of a study on divorce that sheds light on how changing times and gender roles have played a part in divorce statistics. An analysis of 46 years of data shows that while a wife's employment status is not a large factor in divorce, a husband's is.

Political differences leading to more divorces

While finances are frequently a major cause of arguments in a marriage, a study by Wakefield Research found that in the six months after the election of President Trump, over 20 percent of couples said they had argued more about Trump's policies than money. People in Pennsylvania may be among the 22 percent who said they knew a couple whose relationship was directly affected in a negative way by the election of Trump.

Jesse Williams' divorce: sorting out the details

Even the hottest of celebrity romances can come to an end, just like the relationship of any Pennsylvania couple. Jesse Williams, a star of "Grey's Anatomy", has filed for divorce from his wife of five years, Aryn Drake-Lee. The two dated for five years before they wed, and they met while Jesse was still a schoolteacher in New York City.

Buyout clauses aid the divorce process for business owners

The prospect of negotiating a prenuptial agreement often causes romantic partners discomfort. If the estranged Pennsylvania couple runs a business together in Pennsylvania, then the importance of discussing the possibility of split becomes even more important because a divorce could force the sale of the company. Whether the founders of a company are romantically linked or simply good friends, the preparation of a buyout agreement could head off future problems if disputes erupt.

Increasing numbers of older Pennsylvania residents divorcing

The number of couples who are older and decide to divorce is increasing, but their divorce rate is still lower than that of younger couples. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that the gray divorce rate has doubled since the 1990s. Gray divorces are those that involve a married couple who are at least 50 years old.

Divorce disputes over frozen embryos

Couples in Pennsylvania who are divorcing also have to decide what to do with their frozen embryos if they've been undergoing IVF treatments. Prospective parents usually sign a contract with the facility that stores their embryos that presents them with the choice of continuing to freeze the embryos or donating them in the event of a divorce. Divorcing couples can also choose to have them destroyed.

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