Collaborative law and mediation can be very helpful in divorce

There are a lot of crazy divorce stories out there, and the internet makes it so easy to share them. As just one tiny example, check out our source article which has nine stories about divorces that have sullied by silliness. One divorce case “fell apart” because the splitting spouses couldn’t agree on who got a massage chair. Another case saw the couples bicker for hours over $40 in groceries that were still in their fridge.

That’s what’s funny about divorce — it tends to attract the weird, the bizarre and the outlandish. However, that is simply the way it is portrayed. Sure, these stories are probably real, but they represent such a small and extreme sample of divorce cases that it is unrealistic to think that every divorcing couple, or even most divorcing couples, would be dealing with similar circumstances.

In many cases, the splitting spouses just want to ge their divorce done in an efficient and amicable way. They don’t want a divorce that mimics the headline on magazine covers. They just want an effective and mature solution to their problem: an unhappy marriage.

This is where collaborative law or divorce mediation can come into play. Collaborative law is considered “alternative dispute resolution,” even though it really is a simple approach that seeks to have the splitting spouses reach a mutual agreement. Divorce mediation is another similar approach that helps the splitting spouses find a middle ground on sensitive topics that they simply don’t agree on. Collaborative law and mediation can be crucial tools for many couples who want to get through their divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Source: Huffington Post, “9 Divorce Stories Too Ridiculous To Make Up,” March 21, 2014

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