Common divorce mistakes to avoid

Pennsylvania residents whose marriages are coming to an end may wish to keep a number of things in mind that might make their post-divorce life smoother. Early on, they may want to change their email and social media passwords and have their mail delivered to a P.O. box or another address to protect their privacy from their spouse.

If there are children involved, parents should keep any mind that any disagreements they had about raising them while married will continue after the divorce. They may want to make a parenting issue checklist to ensure they deal with any potential issues ahead of time. Parents should also use a yearly calendar to mark their time with the child.

Pulling a credit report before and after the divorce will help to ensure that debts do not crop up years later that an individual was unaware of. Individuals should also secure all financial documents as early as possible. It is also important to make changes to beneficiaries for life insurance and wills. Individuals who have health insurance under a spouse’s plan may want to get any health problems addressed before the divorce. Finally, as early as possible, people should be sure to secure any valuables and personal items that they wish to keep.

It can be difficult to keep points like these in mind when going through the turmoil of a divorce. People may make poor decisions because they have too little information, want to avoid conflict or are emotional about the divorce. An attorney may be helpful in keeping a divorcing client focused and ensuring that their rights are observed. An attorney might also determine that mediation would be an appropriate method of resolving any disputes.

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