Hiring a lawyer for divorce

There are likely many ex-couples in Pennsylvania who can identify with some of the most common reasons why people who are going through a divorce typically retain family law attorneys. More importantly, there are legitimate concerns which compel most people to obtain legal assistance, as opposed to representing themselves in their own divorce proceeding. People who choose to represent themselves are often motivated by the potential savings, or are tempted by what they believe to be a simple process, due to their particular circumstances.

It is true that some divorces are simpler than others, but even these are better off being managed by an apt professional. In some cases, divorcing spouses with no contentious battles ahead, no assets and no children may be able to manage without legal assistance by using some of do-it-yourself kits available online. Otherwise, consulting with a divorce lawyer is typically the most prudent option available. Anyone unfamiliar with family court or matrimonial law may be best served by having legal representation, since judges usually will not give any special consideration to self-litigants.

Managing a divorce proceeding can become even more emotionally taxing when it is attempted without assistance from a lawyer. Many use legal representation specifically because they are unable to work past their emotional issues to reach an amicable resolution with a future ex-spouse. Divorce lawyers may also present options or strategies that require more knowledge than the average layperson.

Lawyers are typically qualified to assist a divorcing spouse with resolving several different issues. Legal counsel may be able to help with negotiating different aspects of the divorce settlement agreement, such as property division, spousal support and child custody arrangements.

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