Unexpected consequences of divorce

Getting a divorce can be an emotional and challenging experience. However, Pennsylvania residents who have gone through this process are often surprised at how they feel after the split from their former spouse has been finalized. For those with shared custody of their kids, it may feel a bit like living a double life. Part of the time, a divorced parent is responsible for the care of the child.

When the child isn’t around, a divorced parent is suddenly a single adult free to explore life. Those who have gotten divorced should be ready for many things to remind of them of their ex while doing so. Old restaurants, furniture in a department store or simply going for a hike could trigger a memory of something done with a former spouse.

Divorce isn’t necessarily a sad event that needs to be mourned. Instead, individuals can celebrate the fact that they were good parents or were able to keep a committed relationship together for as long as it existed. While a relationship with the former spouse may be possible, individuals who get divorced may lose relationships as well. In-laws may rescind invitations to holiday events or break ties on social media, which may come as a shock initially.

There are many issues that may need to be resolved before a divorce can become finalized. An individual may need a family law attorney to help obtain a fair split of marital assets or get maximum parental rights. In some cases, a prenuptial agreement may determine how property is divided. Even so, an attorney may be able to review it to determine if it is valid under state law.

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