Current divorce trends and projections

Pennsylvania residents may have heard that half of all marriages will end in divorce. This well-known statistic is likely to be true, according to researchers. A sociology professor from the University of Maryland says that if marriage and divorce trends continue the way that they are going, nearly 53 percent of marriages will eventually fail.

One of the interesting things about divorce rates is that they vary among generations. While younger couples are divorcing much less frequently than they used to, divorce among older people is increasing exponentially. In 2012, the number of people between the ages of 55 and 64 that divorced was more than double what it was in 1990. Divorces among people at or over the age of 65 tripled over that period of time.

Another thing that has changed about marriage is that people are getting married at an older age. Some say that this trend is responsible for the decrease in young divorces, as young adults are much more cautious about getting married in the first place. Whether the marriages of millenials in their late 20s will be more secure than the marriages of baby boomers and alter the 50 percent projected divorce rate is yet to be seen.

People who end their marriage later in life usually have different concerns than younger couples do. While child custody and visitation are likely no longer issues, older couples often have a much bigger marital estate to divide than people who divorce in their 20s or 30s. A family law attorney can often assist a divorcing client in negotiating a property settlement agreement that in some cases can produce a more favorable result than if the decision was left up to the judge.

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