Sticking to a divorce settlement

When creating a divorce settlement in Pennsylvania, it is critical that an individual understands his or her obligations under the agreement. If an individual feels like the settlement is written in a way that could create loopholes or multiple interpretations, that person should push for it to be changed.

While an attorney may understand the law, only the person agreeing to the settlement understands how the other spouse may think or operate. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, it becomes a binding contract. In any future dispute, a judge will make rulings only based on how that contract is worded as opposed to what either party may think or feel about the situation. It is also important to know that going beyond the terms of a divorce settlement does not fundamentally change the agreement.

For instance, if one person includes extra money one month for child care expenses, he or she is not mandated to pay support at that higher amount permanently. Understanding that fact as well as the rest of the agreement may make it possible to resolve post-divorce issues without having to run to court each time a dispute arises.

In any divorce case, it may be a good idea to consult with an attorney whether an individual is going to resolve it through litigation or mediation. Legal counsel may be able to help resolve issues related to dividing marital assets, spousal support and child custody. If a divorce agreement has already been reached, an attorney may be helpful in reviewing it or helping with any disputes that may arise after the divorce has been settled.

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