A man’s employment is critical predictor of divorce

Married men in Pennsylvania may be more likely to go through a divorce if they’re not employed full time, according to a study. However, the same study found that a woman’s employment or unemployment is not a reliable predictor for divorce. In general, the study showed that women who do less housework and more work outside the home do not jeopardize their marriage.

Conducted by a Harvard sociology professor, the study looked at the relationship between employment and divorce by analyzing data from the University of Michigan’s Panel Study of Income Dynamics. The more than 6,300 couples that were surveyed were opposite-sex couples. Though increased economic independence among women has been blamed for the rise in divorce rates, the study showed that wives who work are not any more likely to divorce than wives who stay at home.

Prior to 1975, studies found that marriages were more likely to last when the wife took on more of the household responsibilities. After that time, the delegation of in-home chores stopped affecting divorce rates. While research shows that women are no longer expected to be homemakers, it does show that men are still expected to be breadwinners. At the same time, men are now expected to take on more of the household chores than they used to.

When a divorce involves two spouses who were earn similar incomes, there may be no need for alimony payments. On the other hand, a stay-at-home parent may require some support when the marriage ends. A family law attorney can represent a lower-earning spouse during negotiations to help ensure financial stability for the client.

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