Some more information about same-sex marriage

Since June 26, 2015, same-sex couples in Pennsylvania and other states have been legally eligible to get married. This ruling was issued by the United States Supreme Court in a decision that legalized same-sex marriage across the country. While these are nontraditional families, they are still granted the same legal benefits of marriage as a heterosexual couple. Because of this, there are some facts about same-sex marriage that are important to remember in the event of any kind of legal dispute.

There has been a significant amount of support from the general public for same-sex marriage. However, there are still certain religious groups that are against same-sex marriages. About 85 percent of Americans who don’t associate with a religious belief, though, approve of this kind of marriage. Since the Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriages are legal, couples are taking advantage and going to magistrates and other venues across the country instead of simply living a life together as a couple.

Even those who identify as being lesbian or gay get married because they love each other and not because it’s now legal to do so. However, the issue of legal rights for the couple is also a reason why same-sex couples get married instead of continuing to live together. The United States joins over 20 other countries that have legalized same-sex marriage. Other nations allowing these unions include France, Spain and Canada.

Same-sex marriages share the same rights as those provided to heterosexual couples. If there is a separation or divorce, an attorney specializing in family law can assist with child support, the division of property and any custodial issues that might arise.

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