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In recent years, attorneys and judges have begun to place greater emphasis on alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. The goal of ADR is to provide people who are involved in disputes with a new path to resolution of their disputes when traditional negotiations and court trials may not achieve the best or most satisfying overall result.

A trained mediator acts as a neutral to help parties reach satisfying resolutions that may not be apparent to them in a traditional adversarial context. A good mediator will facilitate the negotiation between parties, help them understand the sometimes hidden costs and benefits of various outcomes, see their common ground, and realize that not every issue has to be win-lose. By helping parties understand their own motivations in a negotiation and those of one another, a mediator can help some parties to find a way to resolve disputes that leaves all parties more satisfied, and more in control, than in a traditional adversarial legal dispute, often at less expense.

Let Our Mediation Training Work for You

Pennsylvania courts recognize the enormous potential benefit in mediation for resolving family law disputes. That is why in many jurisdictions all child custody disputes must first be mediated before they can proceed to a trial.

As a trained mediator, Elisabeth Pride can serve at a court’s request to mediate a family dispute. However, good mediation skills can benefit any client or clients who see a mediated settlement or collaborative settlement as a better option than fighting in court.

Reducing Conflicts In Family Disputes | Free Consultation

At Pride Law, we are proud to use mediation and other negotiation techniques in our legal practice to create satisfying resolution to our clients’ family law issues. In those cases that simply cannot be settled though collaboration, mediation or negotiation, we bring to bear long years of experience fighting for our clients in court. There are many ways to resolve your family legal disputes. We can help you find the approach that’s right for you and your family, and work to achieve the result that’s best for you.

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