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Courts throughout Pennsylvania and the world are recognizing ADR (alternative dispute resolution) as a valid alternative to court trials.

At Pride Law, we work to provide sensible and satisfying solutions for parties in family disputes involving divorce, asset distribution, child custody, child support, spousal support, marital agreements and other issues.

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In addition to being an experienced family litigator and trained mediator, Elisabeth Pride practices a particular discipline of ADR known as collaborative law.

Collaborative lawyers turn old paradigms of negotiation on their head. Under the traditional adversarial model of client representation, a lawyer represents a client’s interests, ideally at the expense of the other party. Even in a negotiation, an attorney is expected to advocate strictly for the client’s legal interests without regard for the best overall result for both parties or their children. If both parties benefit from a negotiation, it is a happy accident, but not an expected outcome or even a goal.

Collaborative law changes the rules. Collaborative attorneys work together to identify and achieve their clients’ goals to maximize the benefit for both clients. As a result, negotiations can often be more productive, as both sides are working toward something mutually beneficial, as opposed to engaging in a zero-sum tug-of-war. More importantly, resolutions reached mutually are often more durable, and more favorable to the long-term relationships of parties who, although divorced, may need or want to maintain good relations for parenting, social or business reasons.

Such a collaborative arrangement might seem like common sense to someone working outside the justice system, but it has taken a long time to catch on in legal circles. Today, many types of disputes, particularly divorce, child custody and other family law matters, can be resolved collaboratively, if both parties are willing.

Why Choose A Collaborative Lawyer?

There are many reasons why collaborative law and other ADR methods are gaining in popularity, but most boil down to efficiency and satisfaction.

Negotiated resolutions may conserve the resources of everyone involved, while providing buy-in for parties to the dispute. Courts free up time on their dockets that they can use to try other cases. Attorneys spend less time filing motions and crafting adversarial arguments and more time finding common ground between clients. Both parties have a hand in crafting the result. The parties’ dispute never becomes a part of the public record for the eyes of curious neighbors and family members. And negotiated settlements are not subject to appeal.

While no form of dispute resolution is perfect, ADR has proven to be a valuable tool for judges, attorneys and clients that offers many benefits elusive in litigated cases.

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At Pride Law, we are proud to use collaborative law, mediation and other negotiation techniques in our legal practice. In doing so, we can help to resolve our clients’ family disputes in sensible and satisfying ways.

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