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When people are confronted with family change, money, children, and the future become acutely important. At Pride Law, we focus on finding and implementing creative solutions to these and other concerns for our family law clients.

We always try to reach the most satisfying outcomes possible — both financially and emotionally — for our clients and their families. Very often, this means collaborative law, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques.

Pride Law attorneys have helped hundreds of clients find satisfying resolutions to family law matters, including:

  • DivorceWhen divorcing spouses can settle their financial and child-related issues out of court, or have few issues to resolve, a divorce can proceed relatively quickly. We have worked with many clients to obtain clean and speedy divorces. We believe that it is usually in the best interest of our clients to settle out of court whenever possible, often using collaborative divorce or mediation. As a trained collaborative law attorney and mediator, Elisabeth Pride can help to resolve your divorce matter in a way that is likely to yield more sensible and satisfying results than the traditional adversarial divorce process.
  • Nontraditional familiesEven though marriage is available to all, it may not be for everyone, and for some it may not be the whole answer.  Whether or not they are married, it may be smart for some clients to take steps to establish and protect their rights, to legally establish a parental relationship, to allocate care and financial responsibility for children, and to specify what will happen when a non-marital relationship dissolves.
  • Child custody: Decisions about custody are often made by a judge with limited understanding of the needs of a particular family, but they don’t have to be. Pride Law can assist you in finding a sensible solution that works for everyone involved, including the children. If necessary, we can guide you through the system and fight for your interests, and those of your children, in court.
  • Child supportAlthough child support is set by a formula, there are many factors that influence how much child support is owed and by whom. We can answer questions about earning capacity, unusual needs, bonuses and other income, shared custody, mixed families, large mortgages and other issues that can turn a simple calculation into a court case. When the time comes, we can help you negotiate a support amount with the other parent, or navigate the court process to ensure that your children’s financial needs are met fairly and sensibly.
  • Spousal support or alimony: Temporary spousal support or alimony pendente lite may be payable to a dependent spouse before a divorce is final. Alimony may be awarded to enable a dependent spouse to maintain a reasonable lifestyle after divorce while preparing him or herself to be self-supporting. If employment training is impossible or impractical after a long-term marriage, alimony can help achieve economic justice between divorcing spouses. We can help you understand your options for support and find the best way to ensure that everybody’s needs are met before, during and after a divorce.
  • Stepparent and same-sex adoption: Pride Law can assist you in completing in-family adoptions, including stepparent adoptions and other uncontested adoptions. We also help same-sex couples through the adoption process using a known donor, a surrogate, and/or anonymous sperm donation.
  • Marital agreementsMany conflicts can be avoided before they arise. Although marital contracts may seem unromantic, nobody can predict the future. Marital contracts can reduce the potential for future conflict by setting mutual conditions for asset distribution, child care and other issues at a time when both parties are clear-eyed and in harmony. Marital settlement agreements are the means to enforceability of out-of-court settlements between divorcing parties. At Pride Law, we are skilled in drafting marital contracts that resolve current matters and hold up in the future.

Effective Family Law Representation

At Pride Law, we are proud to bring years of dedication to family law issues to provide effective representation to our clients so that they can experience a personal and satisfying resolution to their family law matter. For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact Pride Law by calling 412-343-3183 or by filling out the online contact form.

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