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Divorce Doesn’t Have To Mean War

When people think about divorce, they often imagine a financially crippling process that will overwhelm their lives. In reality, it’s possible to work through the divorce process without losing your sanity or your savings account.

couples not talking to each other, looking upsetPride Law represents individuals in Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon, Upper Saint Clair, and the surrounding communities of southwestern Pennsylvania. We believe that it is in almost every client’s best interest to settle out of court if possible, and our practice is primarily devoted to helping people resolve their divorces through the collaborative processmediation or with client-driven negotiated settlements.

Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, lawyers who are trained in the collaborative process represent each party and work together to maximize the benefit to both parties and their children. As a trained collaborative law attorney, Elisabeth Pride can help to resolve your divorce in a way that typically yields more sensible and satisfying results than the traditional adversarial divorce process.

If divorcing spouses’ financial and child-related issues are difficult or if there is animosity between them that prevents productive discussions, divorce becomes more complicated. A resolution may be obtained by litigation or by settlement through any number of approaches that may be the best fit for your family. We can help you sort out the complicated issues related to your divorce including your process options, and we always advocate effectively for your interests.

Understanding Asset Distribution

When individuals in Pennsylvania are getting divorced, their assets must be distributed equitably. However, what is equitable to a court may seem unfair to you. With the help of financial experts when necessary, we can help you negotiate or fight for your share of marital assets, as well as to protect assets that are important to you.

Pride Law is committed to balancing satisfying outcomes with managing the expenses of achieving those outcomes. Learn more about your legal options by scheduling a free initial consultation. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 412-343-3183.

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