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Not every family looks the same.  Many children are being raised by single parents or grandparents, or by two parents who have elected not to marry. Pennsylvania has not always recognized same-sex marriage, so many same-sex couples and other nontraditional families have sought to secure for themselves the legal benefits of marriage by other means. For those families to whom marriage has not always been available, it is important to examine how the steps they’ve taken in the past may affect their legal rights as spouses. And for some people, marriage may still not be the best option.

two dads and their daughter eating dinner togetherAt Pride Law, we represent same-sex and unmarried partners and former partners in family law matters in Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Upper Saint Clair and throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

I help same-sex parents with all family law matters including:

  • Adoption: We help same sex-couples through the adoption process to secure and protect the parental rights of both parties and the rights of children to receive support and care from both of their parents.
  • Child custodyWithout legal status conferred by adoption, both parents in a same-sex family may not be recognized as a child’s parents. We work with parents to help ensure both parties have rights to their children, and their children have rights to them.
  • Child supportIf a same sex-couple ends their relationship without legal protection, a custodial parent may have no means to collect child support from the other parent. We help parents protect their parental rights, including their rights to custody and support, and the rights of children to receive support from both of the adults who have committed to their care and protection.

We can also help families who voluntarily forego marriage to secure many of the same benefits that are available through marriage, which includes identifying how they will move forward if the relationship dissolves. This may include securing legal recognition of both parties as parents, developing a parenting plan for the future, and formalizing an agreement to dictate how their resources will be allocated if the relationship ends.

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