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When custody matters are resolved in Pennsylvania courts, the judge typically enters a ready-made custody schedule that is blind to a family’s unique needs. In our legal system, it is generally impossible for a judge to receive and process enough information to make a decision that is carefully tailored to the needs of each family. As a result, when child custody is decided in court, families usually receive cookie-cutter custody orders, and from there they simply have to make due.

The only way for a family to receive a child custody arrangement that is tailored to their exact needs is to create it themselves.

At Pride Law, we help parents throughout southwestern Pennsylvania create parenting plans that protect the best interests of their children and meet the specific needs of both parents.

Determining Child Custody Arrangements Without Going To Court

Of all the different means by which child custody can be determined, litigation is almost always the most expensive, most corrosive, and least tailored to the unique needs of a family.

Using collaborative law or mediation to determine child custody allows parents to find sensible solutions that work for everyone involved, including the children, with the help of dedicated professionals.

Even spouses who agree on very little else typically agree that they want to protect the best interests of their children. Very often, that is an effective starting point in the process of negotiating a global, or a limited, resolution of their family law issues.

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