Study suggest doctors divorce less

Because of the long hours and stresses that come with being a doctor, it has long been speculated that doctors would have a higher rate of divorce than most couples. A new study published in a medical journal, however, suggests that the opposite is true. The findings may provide peace of mind to certain couples throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the U.S.

The study, which was carried out between 2008 and 2013, analyzed survey results from more than 200,000 pharmacists, health care executives and dentists and more than 40,000 doctors. According to the results of the study, 33 percent of nurses, 31 percent of health care executives, 25 percent of dentists, 24 percent of doctors and 23 percent of pharmacists were divorced. Outside of the health care industry, the divorce rate is estimated to be about 35 percent.

The study also found that female doctors are approximately one-and-a-half times more likely to get divorced than male doctors. Furthermore, the data suggest that female physicians are more likely to get divorced if they work more than 40 hours in a week while the opposite is true of male doctors. While this information may be interesting to many, the researchers pointed out that more work is required to better interpret the results of the study.

Despite the revaluations of this new study, many health care professionals still find it necessary to end their marriages. Although divorces can be very complicated and stressful, many options can be pursued in order to simplify the process, including mediation, collaborative divorce, no-fault divorce and uncontested divorce. Since family law is difficult for many people to understand, many individuals might choose to hire a legal professional who might be able to provide assistance with subjects such as spousal support, asset distribution and child-related issues.

Marriage annulment in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents often believe that an annulment of a couple’s marriage may be sought when the marriage has not been consummated or when cooler heads prevail after a hasty decision has been made. However, neither of these situations would be grounds for an annulment in Pennsylvania.

While a divorce may be granted for a number of reasons, an annulment is only available when the marriage is invalid. Divorce proceedings are generally initiated due to problems that have developed during the marriage, but an annulment addresses situations where the couple should never have married in the first place. While divorced spouses have certain legal rights and obligations, such as paying or receiving spousal support, an annulment effectively cancels the marriage and leaves both parties in the same legal position they were in before they got married.

An annulment may be granted in Pennsylvania if one of the parties was not of legal age or were already married. A marriage may also be annulled in cases of mental incapacity, and this could include a situation where one or both of the parties were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the wedding. Other situations where an annulment may be granted include a marriage between relatives and where one or both of the parties were coerced.

Individuals who look upon a recent marriage as a terrible mistake may be disheartened to learn that an annulment is not an option for them, but that does not mean that they are trapped. An experienced family law attorney could help a client in this situation by explaining the steps that would be required to take in order to seek a divorce.

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An overview of spousal support factors in Pennsylvania

If a Pennsylvania couple can agree on a settlement when their marriage ends, the court will not need to get involved. However, if the parties are unable to do so, the Court of Common Pleas will use a set of factors to determine whether one spouse should pay the other alimony and if so how that will fit into the overall decree.

Spousal support is unlikely to be awarded unless a party needs financial assistance to pay bills and maintain a standard of living. It might be ordered on a temporary basis until the recipient becomes financially independent. Both the spouse’s current income and earning potential are examined by the court. This could include work experience, job skills and education. Whether a party needs time to get more training and money to support this endeavor will be considered. Spouses asking for alimony might not be eligible for support if they are able to support themselves through reasonable employment.

Any potential inheritances will be factored in along with assets and liabilities as they will affect a person’s overall financial well-being. Both what the couple owned while married and separate property from before the marriage could influence the court’s decision. The spouses’ respective health and age are considered as well as how long a marriage lasted and whether there was any marital misconduct. Also taken into account is what a spouse might have contributed to the other’s ability to have a career, such as time spent as a homemaker. Efforts required to care for minor children following a divorce are taken into account as well.

Spouses might find a quicker resolution by working together outside of court to reach an accord on these matters. An attorney who has experience in divorce law can assist a client in the negotiation of a comprehensive settlement agreement.

Source: Divorce Support, “Pennsylvania Spousal Support/Maintenance/Alimony Factors“, September 23, 2014

Billionaire founder of hedge fund firm files for divorce

Pennsylvania investors may be interested to learn that the founder of hedge fund firm Citadel filed for divorce from his wife. According to the report, the 45-year-old man, who was married to his 43-year-old wife for the last 11 years, cited “irreconcilable differences” for the reason behind the decision to file.

It was indicated by the report that Citadel’s finances, which were estimated to be at about $20 billion, would be safe from any domestic issues that may be had by the founder. A New York family law attorney stated that, in cases like this, many individuals have their soon-to-be partner sign a waiver that keeps the hedge fund firm safe from distribution in exchange for a certain dollar amount. This dollar amount, which is given to the ex-spouse if a divorce occurs, usually increases the longer the marriage continues. However, it was not known if the founder’s ex-wife would seek any assets from Citadel.

The couple were reportedly avid collectors of art and owned works by well-known artists including Jasper Johns. Both individuals were involved in various foundations and donated millions to multiple causes. In addition, the founder owned several properties that were estimated to be worth just under $100 million altogether. The couple also has three children.

When a couple decides to begin divorce proceedings, they also must determine how to split up any assets that were gained during the marriage and who will become the primary caretaker of any kids that resulted from the marriage. This can be difficult if the ex-couple does not see eye-to-eye. However, a family law attorney may be able to help their client identify all of the assets that were obtained and determine how much spousal support or child support their client should be awarded.

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