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Committed To Finding The Best Route To Your Divorce

All family law attorneys aim to deliver a legal result to their clients. I am Elisabeth Pride, and I help clients develop and work toward individualized goals that go beyond short-term outcomes for a satisfying long-term resolution.

I have been practicing family law since 1999, and during that time I have helped hundreds of family law clients in Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon and the surrounding communities develop and pursue goals beyond acquiring assets or "winning" custody in court. I help my clients visualize how they want their lives to be in the future, and to develop creative strategies to meet their long-term goals.

"When possible, I help my clients reach mediated or negotiated out-of-court settlements. This approach can potentially save both sides time and effort, and it gives them more control over their futures than they would have in a court process." — Attorney Elisabeth Pride

Using Collaboration And Mediation To Give Clients Control Of The Outcome

There are times when it is impossible to negotiate a divorce or other family dispute.

The other party may be unable or unwilling to cooperate, or the issues may be truly irreconcilable. At these times, a hard-nosed trial attorney can be a family law client's best advocate. My years as a trial lawyer trained me to skillfully and steadfastly pursue my clients' goals in court when settling is not an option.

However, although the brute-force approach of court litigation may be the only viable option for some family law clients, I believe that collaborative law, mediation and client-driven settlements usually provide more satisfying results in divorce and custody matters.

Rather than powering through a legal obstacle without concern for the consequences, collaboration and mediation offer a means to overcome those obstacles creatively, even cooperatively. In many cases, family dynamics can be preserved or even improved by a careful approach to dispute resolution.

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